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Mafia Simulator

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Team Members

In this game, you play as a lone wolf who must work your way in the criminal underworld. Whether you make your own family from scratch, or join another, you have the choice of determining how events will play out. Will you rise your way to the top of the criminal underworld, or will you fall from grace? Only you can determine what happens.

What I Worked On

I was the Team Lead, main Game Designer, and main Programmer for Mafia Simulator.

I was in charge of:

  • Level design and overall look of the game

  • Creating and implementing game mechanics

  • Bug fixing

  • Card placements and interactions

  • Creating the gameplay trailer

  • Some minor art assets

What I learned as Team Lead

This was the first time that I was the team lead on a game. Being so I made mistakes with assigning work properly between the three of us and overall time management for the work. That being said I learned from this experience to give more time to certain tasks than others so that no one person gets swamped with work. I also learned that it is important to keep everyone on track with what they are doing so we do not fall behind in our work. 

Created Assets

The assets shown below were created to update the UI of Mafia Simulator after the initial completion of the project. They were created to bring together the overall look and theme of the game as well as to bring together the theme of the game.   

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