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In R.E.M, you play as a student named James, who has been awake for the past 3 days finishing a project. The game starts after it is completed and James is taking his long awaited nap. Once James is in his dream, he realizes that he is in such a deep sleep that he can’t get out. Jacque-0, James' dream guide, tells him that in order to escape, he must complete the several challenges ahead to wake up. James accepts this challenge to escape his dream by any means necessary. Each level presents a varying degree of challenges and mechanics to keep players on their toes and aware at all times.

What I Worked On

I worked as the main artist for R.E.M. I made the following using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro:

  • Player HUD assets for each level

  • Character sprites for the narrative sections of the game which are based off of concept art

  • The gameplay trailer

I also designed and managed R.E.M's official website. 

Created Assets
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